What to Expect - Sarah Leonard

What to Expect

When I arrive I'll want to look everywhere (yes, everywhere!) to find the best light. It helps if you tidy up before the session, but there's no need for the house to be spotless. Especially if you have a newborn!

We may need to move furniture, decorations, etc. in order to make the most of the space and the light that we have to work in, so best to be prepared for that.

When we're on location we'll move around a lot to get a variety of backgrounds and light. We won't stick around in one place for too long, so be ready to walk! I like our sessions to be easygoing, not stiff or formal, so I'll get you started with where to stand and help you along with prompts or little changes to help you look your best. We tend to look best when we're interacting with one another naturally, so I'll help you to loosen up and forget about the camera. This is supposed to be fun!

It's a good idea, particularly when the weather is warm, to bring along some water. Snacks are also a good idea to keep everyone's energy up- just be sure that it's something that won't end up stuck in teeth or leaving a stain on anyone's face.

Another good idea might be a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in as we change locations during the shoot, and bug spray in case the mosquitoes decide to join us for our session!

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