What to Wear - Sarah Leonard

What to Wear

The session is all about you, so be sure to look like yourselves in your photos! You want to be comfortable and feel like yourselves, only maybe a step up from everyday... 

Layers are a great way to look put together, and add interest to an outfit. Think colour, texture, pattern, shine. A scarf, a chunky necklace/fun jewellery, a belt, some great shoes or boots, they'll all help to pull an outfit together. And guys, you're not left out of this one- think of ways you can add layers to add interest too!

Keep in mind that bold logos, or characters on kids' shirts tend to demand attention, and will pull the eye away from your loved one's face. Characters in particular can make an image look dated before too long.

For groups of people the best bet is to decide on a main colour family and an accent colour. Everyone dresses in shades of the main colour and brings in the accent with an accessory to tie it all together. With everyone in harmony you'll look like you belong together without looking like you're clones of one another! A quick search on Pinterest will get you headed in the right direction, but if you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with me. I'll be happy to help.

One last note on colour- I recommend that clients avoid lots of white and black, as well as hot pink/magenta. While white can work well for newborn onesies or dresses on little girls or Mum, for the most part it's not the best choice. If you're thinking you'd like to go with white let me know and we can talk about how it might work in the session.

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