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I know this is dry, but there's a lot of important stuff in here!

A non-refundable Session Fee is due within five days of booking your session. This guarantees the time and date allotted for you. Should payment not be received in this time frame, Closely Knit Photography reserves the right to offer the date and time to another client.

Session month must be determined at the time of booking. Once a date has been set, you may reschedule once without penalty, giving at least 48 hours notice. New session date must be held within 15 days of original date.

Closely Knit Photography has a minimum $200 print/product order commitment for all of its session options, unless otherwise stated in writing. This does not include the session fee.

Sessions can not be combined. 

Credits & special offers are non-transferrable nor are they redeemable for cash.

All images are copyrighted by Sarah Leonard, Closely Knit Photography. It is unlawful to scan, copy, screen capture, reproduce and/or disseminate the work in any manner or medium except with the express prior written consent of Closely Knit Photography. Also, the client is not to crop, re-edit or otherwise alter an image in any way. These actions are punishable by law.

Due to the custom nature of each session, all sales are final - proofs purchased by the Client are not returnable.

Please be sure that the only people who come to the session are those who'll be photographed. Also, please do not bring  your own camera, camcorder, or recording device. Cellphones are fine- in fact you're encouraged to post a behind the scenes photo to facebook/twitter/Google+ as long as I'm in it! Oh, and be sure to tag me. You'll earn a little thank you from me. 

Be sure to have your children dressed and ready to go on time for their session. This includes hair combing and having their faces clean. 

The client is responsible for all clothing/hair/makeup choices. I'm happy to help you narrow down the selections, but in the end you're the one making the decisions.

The client is responsible for fees relating to location choice (parking, admission, etc).

If the Client fails to attend their session without prior notice to Closely Knit Photography the Client forfeits their Session Fee.

IMPORTANT- If you or your child are unwell, please call to reschedule your session. I understand that sometimes this happens. If you must reschedule, please try to do so at least 48 hours before your session. 

If I am unable to attend the session, either due to illness or emergency, I will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule. I will always reschedule a newborn session if I am ill.

If you or your child have had an injury, particularly to the face, be sure to let me know! We may want to reschedule to give it time to heal. 

During the session we will take lots and lots of images to ensure we get great lighting, expressions, etc., but only the best will be presented in your gallery. Any photographs not presented in the gallery are excluded for good reason, and are purged.

Retouching: Basic retouching is included in the cost of the session, and will be applied to all images shown in the gallery. Any requests for retouching beyond the basics, if agreed to by Closely Knit Photography, will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour.

Your online gallery will be ready approximately two (2) weeks after your session, and expires after five (5) days. It is highly recommended that you make your purchasing decisions within this time. If you would like to re-publish your gallery, there will be a $45 fee.

Your final print order will be delivered approximately 2-3 weeks after your previewing session. Canvases may take up to 4-6 weeks. Closely Knit Photography will contact you by phone in order to set up a convenient time for your images to be delivered.

Portrait Care: Be sure to handle your portraits with extreme care. Damage incurred as a result of improper handling, framing or hanging is the responsibility of the client.

Designs & Cards: Should you be interested in custom greeting cards/birth announcements, three card designs will be presented to you. You may make up to three small revisions; any additional revisions will be charged at $50 per hour. For collages or storyboards, if you’d like revisions after a collage or storyboard has been shown to you, you must first pay a non-refundable retainer on the purchase of a collage. No further revisions will be made without such retainer.

Album Policy: Oftentimes Closely Knit Photography will show an image in both black and white, and colour. When purchasing the session album, you will not receive both versions of an image; the Client is welcome to request one or the other, otherwise Closely Knit Photography will include whichever version works best with the flow of the album.

Re-Shoots: Re-shoots are granted at the sole discretion of the photographer; they will not be given for regrettable personal choices such as hair and clothing choices.

Travel Fee: There is a $35 travel fee for locations 30 kilometers outside of Ottawa, ON.

Payment Options: Closely Knit Photography accepts cash, and checks made out to Sarah Leonard.

Personal Checks: Checks returned by the bank, for any reason, will be charged a $25.00 service charge and all orders will be cancelled if they are not paid in full within three days of notification.

Usage: Closely Knit Photography reserves the right to use the images and/or reproductions for display, publication, or other purposes. If the client wishes not to have their images used in such a way it MUST be indicated in the Session Agreement.  Negatives/digital files and copyright remain the property of Closely Knit Photography.

Reprints: All ordered images will be kept on file for one year after your initial order. All images that are not ordered will be kept on file for one week only. You are welcome to place a re-print order from the images you originally purchased. There is a $100 minimum on re-prints.

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